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Fallbrook Fun Fest

LATEST NEWS Fallbrook Fun Fest Fallbrook Fun Fest is a safe, family friendly event for children Infants through 5th grade and their families. Event Gates open at 5:30pm. Share this information with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors! Event highlights include: Games, Food, Costumes, Candy, Music, Photo booths, and more! Volunteer Get Your Tickets We have THREE specific needs: DONATE CANDY. We need 100,000 pieces of candy. We would love to meet a 100% goal. Please bring candy over the next month. You can begin dropping bags of candy at any church entry in the main building or at The Brook Kids Check-in Central area [...]

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Drop Box at Water Treatment Plant Now Available

LATEST NEWS Drop Box at Water Treatment Plant Now Available All Residents of Harris County MUD 304. The Drop Box at the Water Treatment Plant on Hamilcrest is now available for use. You may place your payments in the box as needed. PLEASE DO NOT PUT CASH IN DROP BOX.

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Awesome National Night Out – Town Hall 2021

LATEST NEWS Awesome National Night Out - Town Hall 2021 We would like to thank everyone for a successful turnout for National Night Out - Town Hall 2021 for Harris County MUD 304 and Harris County Constables Office Precinct 4. The event began with DJ Ken playing an excellent selection of music. The presentation was hosted by Sergeant Zitsman and his team, Deputy Hendricks and Deputy Brown, our two Patrol Deputies; for the District. Information focused on keeping our Families and Neighbors safe as well our properties. In addition, the importance of staying in constant communication and being observant, "Vacation Watch", and helpful hints on matters concerning unexpected lawful [...]

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Upcoming District-wide and Community Event

LATEST NEWS Upcoming District-wide and Community Event Please join us as we welcome our Patrol Deputies and their Team to discuss measures on how to best protect you and your loved ones as well your property. We are open to the public as well, as safety benefits and impacts everyone. Invite your Family, Friends, and Neighbors as this is an excellent opportunity to get to know your new neighbors and re-acquaint with the present. We extend a special invite to all HOA Leadership in the participation with your fellow Leaders, Residents, and Homeowners. National Night Out 2021 - Town Hall Hosted by: Harris County MUD [...]

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The Perspective – “Welcome Back Students and Educators, Part 1” September 2021 Edition

PRESIDENT MESSAGE The Perspective – “Welcome Back Students and Educators, Part 1” September 2021 Edition “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”[1] Famous Blues Artist B.B. King It has been a long road for all of us while dealing with COVID-19, and even at times the stresses of life and bearing tasks. However, like all matters of our being we can and do weather the storms with resilience and tenacity. I would like to take time this month to touch basis on the enormous responsibilities that our Educators, Students (Children), and Parents alike face and the [...]

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The Perspective – “Loyalty” August 2021 Edition

PRESIDENT MESSAGE The Perspective – “Loyalty” August 2021 Edition “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Several months ago, a Resident said to me, “It’s about loyalty you know”. In response I said, “And it should be.” Webster dictionary defines it as faith, trust, belief, confidence, and at other times could mean devotion, and kindness, which comes from the Latin word “fides” a root of fidelity.** I would like to speak with you about what it means to be loyal and put it into “perspective” as it applies to our work in the industry. Of course, [...]

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The Perspective – February 2021

PRESIDENT MESSAGE The Perspective – February 2021 The Perspective Hello, I’m Ann-Toinette Johnson-Preston, Board Member for Harris County MUD 304. I would like to welcome you to our first edition of “The Perspective”, an intimate look at the complexity of MUD Districts, its’ Board, Consultants, Vendors, Advisors, Counsel, and of course you, our Residents, the District.We will explore our most vastly dependent resource – water – as well as our land. In doing so we will also present issues that build up communities and contribute to helping us enjoy the privilege to be part of something unique, something that many around the world may [...]

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“The Perspective”, SILENCE June 2021 and July 2021

PRESIDENT MESSAGE "The Perspective", SILENCE June 2021 and July 2021 "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."* - The Great Poet and Philanthropist Maya Angelou As we continue the summer months and at best the early part of an already active hurricane season, lets remember the hearts of those who are less fortunate. In their heart, spirit, and soul, whether they are Family, Friends, Neighbors, Strangers alike, all of us are in need of compassion in times of trials. We pay tribute to our First Responders (Fire [...]

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May 2021 “Ethics” Part 2

PRESIDENT MESSAGE May 2021 “Ethics” Part 2 The PerspectiveWelcome back to “The Perspective”. As we continue speaking on the impact of Ethics, you will recall last month when it was featured, it was mentioned that Ethics is part of our everyday lives. Well, in the article below you will see how pertinent it is that actions based on ideals are very intricate in the outcome of community and being part of a team. The article was in response to the Association of Water Board Directors (AWBD), members to participate in their Journal. This account features Harris County MUD 304 Residents, and other entities who responded [...]

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The Perspective-Transparency / Director Preston

PRESIDENT MESSAGE The Perspective-Transparency / Director Preston The Perspective Welcome back to “The Perspective” Transparency March 2021 Edition First, on behalf of The Board, our employees, consultants, advisors, vendors., and attorneys, we offer our appreciation for your support and patience with us throughout these past few weeks.  In addition, we extend our sympathy for the many who are experiencing difficulties in their homes because of the Winter Storm Texas 2021.  We are committed to serving each of you. Last month, “The Perspective” was introduced and was shared with you of its meaning. Therefore, in order that your perception be put into the right context [...]

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