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May 2021 “Ethics” Part 2

PRESIDENT MESSAGE May 2021 “Ethics” Part 2 The Perspective Welcome back to “The Perspective”. As we continue speaking on the impact of Ethics, you will recall last month when it was featured, it was mentioned that Ethics is part of our everyday lives. Well, in the article below you will see how pertinent it is that actions based on ideals are very intricate in the outcome of community and being part of a team. The article was in response to the Association of Water Board Directors (AWBD), members to participate in their Journal. This account features Harris County MUD 304 Residents, and other entities [...]

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The Perspective-Transparency / Director Preston

PRESIDENT MESSAGE The Perspective-Transparency / Director Preston The Perspective Welcome back to “The Perspective” Transparency March 2021 Edition First, on behalf of The Board, our employees, consultants, advisors, vendors., and attorneys, we offer our appreciation for your support and patience with us throughout these past few weeks.  In addition, we extend our sympathy for the many who are experiencing difficulties in their homes because of the Winter Storm Texas 2021.  We are committed to serving each of you. Last month, “The Perspective” was introduced and was shared with you of its meaning. Therefore, in order that your perception be put into the right context [...]

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The Perspective – April 2021

PRESIDENT MESSAGE The Perspective – April 2021 The Perspective Hello Everyone, My hope is that all of you are enjoying the break in weather these past few weeks. Spring truly is a beautiful time of the year. It is often a time when we regroup, refresh, and as well to clean out and get rid of the old and bring in some new. Last month we ended on “Ethics”, and I would like to speak just briefly on it as we near the end of April. The definition of the word, “Ethics is based on well-founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe what [...]

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