Awesome National Night Out – Town Hall 2021

We would like to thank everyone for a successful turnout for National Night Out – Town Hall 2021 for Harris County MUD 304 and Harris County Constables Office Precinct 4.

The event began with DJ Ken playing an excellent selection of music.

The presentation was hosted by Sergeant Zitsman and his team, Deputy Hendricks and Deputy Brown, our two Patrol Deputies; for the District. Information focused on keeping our Families and Neighbors safe as well our properties. In addition, the importance of staying in constant communication and being observant, “Vacation Watch”, and helpful hints on matters concerning unexpected lawful situations. Our Patrol Team was also available for questions and answers as well as taking the time for photo opportunities.

Community Leaders were also on hand to be a participant and offer their support. We extend appreciation for coordinating the Back Packs give-a-ways, to Ms. Mary Blow and Ms. Sandra Ford. The youngsters also enjoyed a moment in a raffle presented by Mr. Ray Arce of Roach & Associates.

With special appreciation for Spring ISD Operations and Thompson Elementary School and Janitorial for their dedication.

Also, in attendance was Deputy Kissam (HCSO) who received a Service Award from the Board on behalf of our Residents for his years of service to the community.

Thank you my fellow Board Members who were in attendance.