Dirty or Red Water

The District has been experiencing numerous occasions of dirty or red water. The discoloration is due to high concentrations of iron and manganese in the ground water that is pumped from the District’s Water Well. The water is disinfected by means of chlorination and the use of poly-phosphates (bleach) to sequester the iron.

In our efforts to decrease the discoloration in the drinking water a stringent flushing program will begin. We are in the immediate process of locating, excavating, repairing and flushing approximately (24) additional “Blow-Off” Valves through-out the District.

The work will be conducted during the first week of January 2021.

Some Residents in the area of Silverwood Sands Court, Damascon Court, Scotch Grove Court, Glenfield Manor Lane, Shellhorn Court, Mersmann Court, Jersie Violet Lane, Yacoma Oaks Lane, Tanner Ridge Court Weathersfield Trace Circle, Hyland Park, Marigny Drive, Napoleonic Court, Silverglen North Drive, La Fontaine Drive and Seine Court, may experience a short interruption in water services when the work is being performed on that street.

Please contact the Service Department at 281-377-9100 should you have questions regarding this matter.