May 2021 “Ethics” Part 2

The Perspective

Welcome back to “The Perspective”. As we continue speaking on the impact of Ethics, you will recall last month when it was featured, it was mentioned that Ethics is part of our everyday lives. Well, in the article below you will see how pertinent it is that actions based on ideals are very intricate in the outcome of community and being part of a team. The article was in response to the Association of Water Board Directors (AWBD), members to participate in their Journal. This account features Harris County MUD 304 Residents, and other entities who responded in unity to make a difference. I hope you enjoy the article. Until next month, stay safe.


A Tale of Strength and Hope: Harris County MUD 304

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”
Coretta Scott King

Our journey in unity as a Community took on one of the most extraordinary series of events in our modern-day times. In as much as three and a half years, we were plagued with two acts of Mother Nature’s dominance over man, Harvey, and Uri, as well, the work of the balance or imbalance of humanities oversight into its most precious commodity, human health and well-being by a pandemic, COVID-19. These set of circumstances set the theme for the test of human mind and heart, as well, strength and hope in each other.

Relationship remains one of paramount importance in any set of circumstances, if we are going to have a successful outcome. We are a Community where our diversity shapes and molds us into who we are to be and are to respond. During Harvey, our District did not suffer as much as some of our fellow communities throughout the greater Houston-Harris County area, yet we looked after those who were in need. Ironically, and yet again the same for the Pandemic and Uri. However, the standard for helping and serving others was a bit more challenging with these latter.

As we examine our responsibilities to reach out, some of the ways this was accomplished, was volunteering, donations, distribution of masks, water and other supplies as needed, spending time to comfort each other, and doing welfare checks on our friends and neighbors. Our faith-based community was an exceptional contributor in providing much needed care to our Residents and the public, along with our educational entities. In some instances, being creative was necessary. It no doubt was tough without the use of communications during Uri, and as with all of us as a society, have the need for interaction as part of our social makeup.

During Uri, although the Board/s interaction was necessary to maintain the operational matters of the District, our first and far most concern was for that of the safety and well-being of our Families, Friends, and Neighbors, as well strangers alike, who crossed our paths.  Furthermore, our District’s Consultants, Advisors, Counsel, Security Personnel, Vendors, and their loved ones, in addition our District’s infrastructure.  Notwithstanding, to ensure our duties to our physical plants continue to stay within the guidelines and their functions. As a result, and on behalf of our Board and with our attorney for the District, a plan to implement an Emergency Contingency Plan is being introduced that I believe would be beneficial for our needs. Furthermore, its focus will involve the hands on of not only our Board, but also our Operator and Engineer, as well as other entities.

It is with great recognition and appreciation especially for our local authorities, city of Houston Mayor, Harris County Judge, state of Texas officials, public works and civil personnel, and our US Representatives’ approach in staying abreast to ever changing information to help us better serve.

In theory, the purpose relevant to sharing our plight was to underscore the decorum of Harris County MUD 304’s endurance, perseverance, patience, and compassion in extraordinary and difficult circumstances. We stuck together even when not always agreeing, and it paid off. Prayers works!

Many thanks to AWBD Leadership and staff for allowing us to share our journey with you and others.

By: Ann-Toinette Johnson-Preston
Board Member, Harris County Municipal District No.304

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”
Albert Einstein