President’s Message: “The Perspective” – April 2022 Edition

April Showers Brings……… “You want us to do Whaaaat?”

“The priceless gift of life, strength, and time are our greatest gift.”*

Lailah Gifty Akita

It is that “time” of the season when we begin thawing out from the colder months. The warmer weather and sunshine bring a sense of energy ready to take on new challenges and revisit our comforts . Our leisure activities are now in full swing. Although, we move cautiously forward after being consumed for almost two and a half years by a pandemic, we continue to be a resilient sort. Many of us will be enjoying eating out in public places, attending outdoor sports and events, community gatherings, spending more time at the movies, backyard barbeques, birthday parties, anniversaries, picnics at local parks, and even fun at the beach. No doubt putting more efforts in our physical activities. However, there is just one small and out of the mind thing that we sometimes either take for granted, or simply just do not regard…….believe it when I say, it will not interfere with our fun……and that is the use of our natural resources. It is so prevalent in our daily functions to the extent it is routine and a “natural” part of who we are and what we do. Yet, it is very important that we think about the most needed, “Water Conservation”, and the impact it has on the way we live. Obviously, we recognize the scientific aspect to ensure we have enough at the right time and at the right place. Furthermore, we must consider the economics of being more cost effective when dealing with excessive use. In addition, the safety attributes that conservation entails. As we get closer to much hotter temperatures and scorching heat, especially here in our area of the United States, it could be an extremely helpful asset. Notwithstanding, other areas who suffer from extreme droughts in the country.

What does this have to do with MUD’s you ask….……First, an increase in human activity necessitates the use of more of our resources, and obviously “water” is the most paramount. Second, there are about two major reasons why all of us will be prone to using water in enormous amounts, and that is within our homes and outdoors with the irrigation system for our yards. Therefore, we will share with you a few powerful reasons for conserving water:

  • It minimizes the effects of drought and water shortages.
  • It guards against rising costs and political conflict.
  • It helps to preserve our environment.
  • It makes water available for recreational purposes.
  • It gives us safe and drinkable water.
  • It builds safe and beautiful communities, improving property value.

We kindly encourage you to visit the District’s Website Water Conservation Page. Until next month in “The Perspective”, enjoy the beautiful weather with your Family and Friends.

* Wise Famous Quotes, Joy, and Happiness – Quotes: Collection of Top 100 Famous Quotes About Joy and Happiness, Accessed Monday, April 4, 2022, at 4:41 am C.S.T.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”
Albert Einstein