The Perspective – “Loyalty” August 2021 Edition

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

Several months ago, a Resident said to me, “It’s about loyalty you know”. In response I said, “And it should be.”

Webster dictionary defines it as faith, trust, belief, confidence, and at other times could mean devotion, and kindness, which comes from the Latin word “fides” a root of fidelity.**

I would like to speak with you about what it means to be loyal and put it into “perspective” as it applies to our work in the industry. Of course, in establishing a level of trust and at the same time balance our responsibilities to each other, it can become quite confusing. Let me explain, does trust or loyalty equate doing the wrong thing just to be devoted to a cause? I would say with an unequivocal, “no”, loyalty may suggest that both entities are united with the same thought processes. However, it should always be in the essence of doing what is in the best interest of your cause, if it does not, then it would be prudent to separate from that manner. In providing for our Residents, as a MUD Board we are often approached as being too loyal on two different fronts, with our providers and then to each other. This is not always the case, rather, I would like to relate it to being respectful. Under no circumstances should doing the right thing be compromised by loyalty that is wrong……otherwise it is slavery. We act in freedom of will and make decisions based on sound judgements. Therefore, the same principle should be applied to you our electorate when it comes to supporting your Board Members. True loyalty is reciprocal in that it culminates the same thoughts as stated above. If that be the case, then it also means to respect the other person, even if they do not engage in wrongdoing for the sake of loyalty. This is a hard concept to comprehend, yet it is an invaluable one. In closing, remember, loyalty for a cause to a certain extent becomes slavery, it should never lower your dignity in the process.

Until next month, have a great August. On the next “The Perspective” we will “Welcome Back Students and Educators”. Take Care.


**Merriam-Webster Dictionary – Fidelity – History and Etymology for fidelity. Origin and root of words associated with loyalty. Accessed: August 11, 2021, at 2:40 pm.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”
Albert Einstein