Attention Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 304 (“HC MUD No. 304”) Customers and Residents. The Central Harris County Regional Water Authority, North Harris County Regional Water Authority, and the City of Houston Public Works Department / Public Utility Division has initiated stage one of their respected Drought Contingency Plans (“DCP”). Harris County MUD No. 304 DCP that was adopted on April 21, 2005 and outlines water conservation methods of stage I to include the following:

Stage I Target: a voluntary 15% reduction in daily water demand this would reduce the world run time from 18 to 14 hours or less.

Supply Management Measures: the districts operator shall undertake any actions which he or she deems necessary including reducing system pressure and or reducing interconnection with another water system.

Demand Management Measures Applicable to Wholesale Water Customers – See “DCP”.

Voluntary Water Use Restrictions Applicable to Retails Water Customers – See “DCP”.

Effective 08/18/2023 HC MUD No. 304 will initiate Stage I of its Drought Contingency Plan. Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation,
Harris County MUD No. 304