Due to minimal rainfall and persistent high temperatures throughout Harris County, please be advised that the Central Harris County Regional Water Authority (the “Authority”) will enter Stage 2 (Moderate Drought) of its Drought Contingency Plan (“DCP”), effective August 27, 2023. The Authority has determined that it is necessary to trigger Stage 2 in order to facilitate compliance with its Groundwater Reduction Plan and the requirements of the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District.

The Authority’s DCP currently provides that Stage 2 may be triggered if the City of Houston (the “City”) reduces the quantity of its supply of water to the Authority by more than 10% but less than 20% for five (5) consecutive days or if the City has implemented Stage 2 of its DCP. Although the City has not reduced its supply of water to the Authority to date, the City has issued notice of its intent to enter Stage 2 of its drought contingency plan on August 27, 2023, and requested the implementation of mandatory water conservation measures. Accordingly, the Authority has elected to trigger Stage 2 of its DCP and hereby requests that all Member Districts implement their respective drought contingency plans and mandatory water conservation measures beginning August 27, 2023. 

During Stage 2, the Authority recommends that the Member Districts, at a minimum, restrict and/or prohibit non-essential water use for the following activities: (1) street washing; (2) fire hydrant flushing; and (3) filling of swimming pools. The Authority will continue to monitor water use and will provide further notice if the drought stage changes or if Stage 2 conditions have been lifted. 

A copy of the Authority’s DCP can be found on the Authority’s website at https://www.chcrwa.com/documents/. Should you have any questions concerning the above-referenced matter, please contact the Authority’s Operator, Jared Martin of Municipal Operations & Consulting, Inc., at jmartin@municipalops.com. Thank you for your cooperation.