Due to a natural occurrence in surface raw water characteristics, which are common, or emergency mechanical repairs in your water production and treatment system we will experience a limited aesthetic, taste, odor, or color issue(s). Our first responders and repairs teams are aware, in route, and currently working to resolve the issues to restore service as soon as possible. Please be advised that “Aesthetics -Taste, Odor and Color” are EPA Secondary Standards and pose no health risk. Our Certified operators and laboratories are conducting routine sampling per Texas Commission on Environmental Quality rules and regulations and should a precautionary or required Boil Water Notice be required we will issue as prescribed in PWS 30 TAC, subchapter F, Section 290.122(a), PWS 30 TAC 290.109(b)(1)(A-D)], PWS 30 TAC 290.46(q)(4), & PWS 30 TAC 290.46(q). Currently the restoration time is unknown but, in most cases, services are normally restored within 4-8 hours. Please check with your Municipal Utility District Website for additional updates.

For more information about drinking water aesthetics please visit the City of Houston website https://www.houstonpublicworks.org/taste-odor-color#230548828-4059462927. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding during this water quality event.

Precision Utility LLC