Precision Utility has received a notice from the Regional Water Authorities that surface water provided through the regional water authorities have received complaints about water taste and odor. The cause of this is linked to algae blooming influenced by temperature.

A notice provided by the Regional Water Authorities will be included with this memo to provide more information on the cause of this issue. The latest update provided stated that they are actively trying to correct this issue, however we should have a contingency plan on standby in case water quality doesn’t improve.

The contingency plan for our districts would be running the groundwater wells in place of surface water, until their issues with surface water have been corrected. The main
reason that we have not moved forward with this plan already is due to additional water quality issues that may arise from using only well water. These water quality issues may affect color, taste, and odor.

For now, to mitigate this issue, Precision Utility technicians are flushing affected districts to bring in fresher water.

Mr. Bonaventure has been in contact with NHCRWA and CHCRWA Operators. Any updates provided on this issue will be forwarded to all interested parties.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

On Behalf of Tony Bonaventure, MBA
Manny Vadhar, Controller
Precision Utility, LLC


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