Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 304

We Unite The Community Through The Creation Of A Sound Infrastructure, Business Opportunities, Civic, and Community Cooperation To Provide For A Successful, Long Term Planning Commitment, To Ensure A Sustainable Quality Of Life.

Through Harris County MUD No. 304’s website you can easily find links to the following services:

Harris County MUD No. 304 is a member District of the Central Harris County Regional Water Authority (CHCRWA). If you would like to know more about the Authority, please visit their website: http://www.chcrwa.com.

Status – Harris County MUD 304 Administration Building Restoration

As you are aware, the past year we have had two events that prevented the use of our Administration Building, COVID-19 and Uri (Winter Storm 2021). In the May 2021 General Meeting of the Board of Directors, two Board Members were assigned to be on the Design Team to assist in the restoration process due to broken pipes. Although, we cannot control the medical community decisions on COVID, we can prepare for an eventual lifting of some restrictions. Therefore, we greatly appreciate your patience and ask for it a little while longer, as the Administration Building remains closed for repairs. We are striving as quickly as possible.

Any information as it becomes available, will be in the Board Meetings, on the District’s Website, and at (281) 587-9000.

The Park Remains Open

 Have a safe summer.

Welcome Harris County Constables Office Precinct 4

We would like to welcome Harris County Constables Office in our District effective as of May 1, 2021. Captain J. Garza officially introduced his team in the May 20, 2021 General Meeting of the Board of Directors. Over the past month, you may have noticed their signs being post throughout the communities, and may have had the opportunity to meet with them directly. As it is our primary goal as a Board to ensure all of our safety and well being, as well as our Deputies, our cooperation is invaluable. We are looking forward to our relationship with Precinct 4 and working with Deputy Hendrix and Deputy Brown. Again, Welcome!

HCMUD 304 Website Re-design is in Progress

We are currently in the process of re-designing our website for HCMUD 304, and it has been in the making for a few weeks. Therefore, the content has to be verified and approved by the sources, as well as the legal content that is required before we can post. This process has been under the coordination of Director Johnson-Preston and Attorney Diana Miller (legal and regulatory), as well as the Off Cinco web page designers. We are looking forward to sharing the new Harris County MUD 304 website with you soon. In the mean time, we will continue to post information to keep you updated on the “current live site”. Thank you for your patience.

By Director Ann-Toinette Johnson-Preston

Mosquitos Update

Thank you to all of our District’s Residents who are taking personal responsibility to protect their family and loved ones concerning the mosquitos and the discomfort that everyone is experiencing in Harris County.  The Harris County Public Health Department was NOT scheduled to come out and “spray” in this area, they were scheduled to come out and examine to determine an outbreak, so that they can follow their procedures to take care of the problem – that CANNOT be done while it is raining. Again, thank you to all of our Residents for your cooperation with their process in the meantime. Please read the article post on the District’s website, and for more information visit the Harris County Public Health Department website at http://www.hcphtx.org/mc, you may also utilize their search bar.

Director Ann-Toinette Johnson-Preston


As some of you within our District have voiced concerns in reference to the problems with mosquitos, as we all have experienced an increase of the discomfort, we have information that may be helpful until further actions are capable. My conversation with the Harris County Public Health Department is they are aware and are addressing the issues. There is a process in which they have to do so, therefore, just briefly the three main steps are, 1. Evaluate Increased Population, 2. Inspection of the types, and 3. Check for infestation. However, please note that they are only able to follow up in this process when the rain is not a hindrance. We were scheduled last week in this area, but they could not due to the rain.

For more information, please visit their website at http://www.hcphtx.org/mc. Also, please utilize the “search” bar.

Director Ann-Toinette Johnson-Preston

Tax Rate

At their meeting on September 17th, the Board of Directors voted to lower the District’s current tax rate by two cents, from 0.79 to 0.77.