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Hurricane Preparedness 2022

Be ready for hurricane season. Today you can determine your personal hurricane risk, find out if you live in a hurricane evacuation zone, and review/update insurance policies. You can also make a list of items to replenish hurricane emergency supplies and start thinking about how you will prepare your home for the coming hurricane season. If you live in hurricane-prone areas, you are encouraged to complete these simple preparations before hurricane season begins on June 1.

Find out today what types of wind and water hazards could happen where you live, and then start preparing how to handle them. Hurricanes are not just a coastal problem. impacts from wind and water can be felt hundreds of miles inland, and significant impacts can occur regardless of the storm’s strength. Know if you live in an area prone to flooding and if you’re safe to remain in your home.

Find out if you live in a hurricane evacuation zone. You may also need to leave if you live in a flood prone area or in a mobile home outside a hurricane evacuation zone. Now is the time to begin planning where you would go and how you would get there.

You do not need to travel hundreds of miles. Your destination could be a friend or relative who lives in a well built home outside flood prone areas. Remember, your safest place may be to remain home. Be sure to account for your pets in your plan.

As hurricane season approaches, listen to local officials on questions related to how you may need to adjust any evacuation plans based on the latest health and safety guidelines from the CDC and your local officials.

Whether you’re evacuating or sheltering-in-place, you’re going to need supplies not just to get through the storm but for the potentially lengthy and unpleasant aftermath. Have enough non-perishable food, water and medicine to last each person in your family a minimum of 3 days (store a longer than 3-day supply of water, if possible). Electricity and water could be out for at least that long. You’ll need extra cash, a battery-powered radio and flashlights. You may need a portable crank or solar-powered USB charger for your cell phones.

If you need to go to a public shelter, follow health guidelines from your local officials and the CDC.

Call your insurance company or agent and ask for an insurance check-up to make sure you have enough insurance to repair or even replace your home and/or belongings. Remember, home and renters insurance doesn’t cover flooding, so you’ll need a separate policy for it.

Flood insurance is available through your company, agent, or the National Flood Insurance Program at floodsmart.gov. Act now, as flood insurance requires a 30-day waiting period.

Whether you’re evacuating, or planning to ride out the storm in your home, make sure it is in good repair and up to local hurricane building code specifications to withstand wind impacts. Many retrofits are not as costly or time consuming as you may think.

Have the proper plywood, steel or aluminum panels to board up the windows and doors. Remember, the garage door is the most vulnerable part of the home, so it must be able to withstand the winds.

If you’re a renter, work with your landlord now to prepare your home for a storm.

Many people rely on their neighbors before and after a disaster, and there are many ways you can help them. Learn about all the different actions you and your neighbors can take to prepare and recover from the hazards associated with hurricanes.

Start the conversation now with these Neighbor Helping Neighbor strategies but remember you may need to adjust your preparedness plans based on the latest health and safety guidelines from the CDC and your local officials.

The time to prepare for a hurricane is before the season begins, when you have the time and are not under pressure. If you wait until a hurricane is on your doorstep, the odds are that you will be under duress and will make the wrong decisions.

Take the time now to write down your hurricane plan. Know who issues evacuation orders for your area, determine locations on where you will ride out the storm, and start to get your supplies now. Being prepared before a hurricane threatens makes you resilient to the hurricane impacts of wind and water. It will mean the difference between being a hurricane victim or a hurricane survivor.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Harris County MUD 304 would like to wish you and your family a Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!2023-04-25T05:47:15+00:00

Watermain Breakage Silverglen North Community

UPDATE: Currently, it is estimated to take 2-4 hours at which point the water may be shut off. As circumstances change we will update.

The District’s Operator is currently addressing the matter as quickly as possible.

The following areas are currently impacted: Sandlewoods Creek Trails, Sandlewoods Sands, Altman Trails, Silverlight Court, Silverwood Springs Place, Silver Rimrock Trails. Should other areas become affected, we will provide additional information.

Please be aware: Only authorized personnel of The District are allowed in the area.

On behalf of Harris County MUD 304 we appreciate your patience and cooperation as we remedy the problem.

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Construction Projects Progress

Silverglen North Park Project

HCMUD 304 is moving forward with a park project off Arden Ridge Lane. The park will consist of a walking trail, fire pit, amphitheater/performance pad, yoga platform, and will provide areas for a future playground, pavilion, grills, and picnic tables.

The first phase should be completed Spring 2023.

Silverchase Park Project

HCMUD 304 is moving forward with a park project at the entrance to the Silverchase subdivision. The park consist of a variety of amenities including, a pavilion with picnic tables, benches, and playground equipment.

Silverglen North Detention Pond Rehabilitation

HCMUD 304 is currently rehabilitating the detention facility north of Porter Meadow Lane. This detention facility recently had an infestation of beavers, which caused the area to have severe ponding. The grading of the pond is currently under way and should be completed before the end of the year.

Wastewater Treatment Plan Access

The District will be rehabilitating the access road leading to the wastewater treatment plant. The road will be changed from a crushed gravel access, which is costing the District money for ongoing maintenance, to a low maintenance concrete access.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Lift Station

The lift station at the wastewater treatment plant is being rehabilitated. The coating on the wet well walls is deteriorating, as well as the pipes. Preliminary design to expand the wastewater treatment plant is currently underway.

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Happy New Year!

Harris County MUD 304 would like to wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

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Water Leak Notice!

The Board of Directors for HC MUD 304 is aware of the attic leak which caused flooding in the Admin building.

The Building managers are diligently working with the contractors to inspect the busted pipe/water damage. If you need to contact the Admin building to reschedule your event please do so at this number: 281-581-9000.

Your tax dollars are at work!

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Freezing Weather Expected Next Week!

A hard freeze is expected in the Houston area towards the end of next week. Now is the time to prepare your home for the cold. If you are planning to be out of town for the holidays, please take extra precautions to protect your pipes from the freezing temperatures and consider asking a neighbor to keep an eye on your home while you are away.

For tips on winterizing your home, visit ProtectyourPipes.org.

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No Need to Boil Water!

The City of Houston issued a boil water notice yesterday, November 27, 2022. This boil water notice does not affect Harris County MUD 304 residents.

Harris County MUD 304 residents do not need to boil their water.

We will continue to bring you updates of important news as information becomes available.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Harris County MUD 304 would like to wish you and your family a happy, safe, and healthy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!2023-04-25T05:29:13+00:00

National Night Out!

Harris Co. MUD 304 will be hosting a National Night Out event!

All residents and their families are welcome and encouraged to attend to enjoy great food, games, music, and much more.

When: October 4, 2022 from 6pm – 9pm

Where: The district admin building. 12525 Wellington Parkway, Houston, Tx, 77014

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